About Dibbs Club Manager

Dibbs Club Manager was developed with a real operational Scout Group in Australia and is therefore geared specifically to the varied needs of a successful and active Group. Originally designed, maintained and supported by volunteer leaders from NSW, in September 2011, Dibbs became the first software offering of a small specialist software house - Dibbs Consulting. The system continues to be supported by real Scout Leaders, but now has the commercial capacity to offer a robust and well supported interface. The system is being gradually overhauled to create an amazing package of features to support the busy Scout Leader.



This site is in no way connected with, endorsed by, authorised by or supported by Scouts Australia or Scout Branches in Australia. Although developed by Members of Scouting, Dibbs Consulting Pty Ltd is a private company that is not connected commercially or otherwise with the Scout Association.

System functionality

Dibbs Club Manager is modular. It therefore has many different areas, some of which will always be under development.


Core systems:


Group and Section Manager allows details of each Section of a Group to be maintained. This includes adding groupings such as Patrols and Sixes, logos for the Group and Sections, meeting places, times and leaders.


Member Manager allows details of each member of the Group to be captured and maintained. Includes areas for managing the HQ registration process, invoices and receipts, events attended, points, medical information, activity logs, badges and awards.


Events Manager allows details of Group and Sectional events to be captured and maintained. Includes ability to link members to events, manage a locations library, manage finances, create letters about the event and a calendar view. Easily creates standard E1 activity permission forms (NSW) for members to download and print. Also allows the creation of a timetable and print out of an evening planner.


Communications Manager allows easy email and web communications with members about events.

Awards Manager contains information to manage the current Australian Joey, Cub and Scout awards schemes. Includes all requirements of the awards, images and a badge work management system for all Sections linked to members. Can also print requirements, certificates, progress charts and assist with badge ordering requirements.

User Manager allows Group Leaders to maintain the access to the system for other members of the Group.


Financial Manager (optional licencing) allows details expenditure and receipts to be maintained against budget headings. Includes ability to produce invoices/receipts, allocate payments to budgets and activities, banking reconciliations.


Website Manager (optional licencing) allows registered Groups to host a basic web presence. Includes management facilities for content, graphics and design.


Meeting and minutes Manager allows Leaders and administrators to share agendas and minutes with certain Sections.


Asset Manager (optional licencing) allows Group quartermasters to maintain an inventory of equipment and assets. Includes repair list, category management, depriciating costs for insurance purposes. 

Resource Manager a library resource of activity ideas and games for all Sections. Includes a search function, images and descriptions and the ability to link to a program event.



For more information about our products and services or to see a demonstration, please email admin@dibbssm.net